Summer Time Fun

Summer Time Fun

Be prepared for changes in weather pressure. 

As the season transitions to summer there are some added challenges to breathing.  When the pressure drops for incoming storms, that can (and usually does cause additional shortness of breath) and for some in the southern states, that has already begun.  One way to help this is to make sure you do your breathing exercises.  Not just once day but several times throughout the day.  At first, it may not seem like it is doing much but in the long run it really helps. 

Also if you are aware of a storm front rolling in: perhaps changing plans for the coming couple of days to be more low key.  Get a barometer to literally be able to see if the pressure is dropping to explain if that is the cause or if there is another cause.  There are many kinds.  I think the most helpful is to have an arm to mark where it is right now, and check it later in the day to see if it has dropped.  You can get them fairly easily in many places.  They can be anywhere from $30 to $150+ but this one pictured for this post is about $45 on Amazon.

Trips out of the house: to the park, dinner, camping, visiting family locally or out of state, whatever the case may be... As with any time of year venturing out, if you are on tanks, or battery powered concentrator, it is important to note that there could be a greater pull on the oxygen.  Heat and humidity has a tendency to make people breathe harder.  Plan for more, whether an extra tank, and extra battery (or plug into the car when you can and not rely solely on battery the entire time), etc.  

Last but not least: camp fires, grass fires, perfumes, mosquito repellent, etc, can for some cause caughing.  Now that you (or your family member) is on oxygen it is possible some or all of the above will be an irritant.  I have seen several posts where people have complained that neighbors were having evening mini fires in their back yard, or even Bar B-Q every weekend, caused some irritation.  Some have resolved that by turning on AC and running a humidifier in their room.  Though it is an option, it may not be the solution that works.  So if you are in that situation as a caregiver or the one on OT, you may need to modify plans or have alternatives you plan for in the event it becomes a problem.  

Ex., we have a plant that we used which is the "citronella" plant that you snitp a leaf off and rub it on your skin (the way you would spray the commercial brand) and the natural oils work the exact same way to repel the mosquitos but are not as irritating if at all. 

Ex 2, if you are with family and everyone is outside and grilling, move the grill downwind from the house if possible.  Maybe on the other side of a garage or just away from the house to minimize the smoke coming to the house.  

If you have an inhaler, make sure you have the stocked and don't run really low before refilling.  And maybe see about a secondary, more long lasting one to suppliment the rescue inhaler. 

If camping, have a backup generator or alternate power source to make sure you are not relying just on the batteries, or the power to the building.  

As I hope to be of help, please comment and I may have some suggestions for various situations that may help.  It is hard to list all situations here.  

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