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The O2Go Backpack

The O2Go Backpack

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The O2Go Oxygen Mobility Backpack was created to ease the effort and time it takes to get out of the home with oxygen tanks in tow. We developed its unique features while searching for options online and trying many! 

Never lose O-rings or your regulator key in the bottom of your bag again! We've added a clear exterior pocket for easy access and storage of small items. 

The O2Go Features:

  • Holds M-2 through M-9 sized cylinder tanks
  • Clear pocket for O-Rings and Regulator Key/Tool
  • Velcro straps inside to secure tank
  • Padded straps for comfort
  • Chest strap for activities to keep secure
  • Generous ports for best position of cannula tubes
  • 4 luggage feet for stability when standing bag vertically 
  • Dimensions:  16" tall, 7" wide, 4" deep
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    Every person is unique ad so are your activities. The O2Go Backpack has multiple back and side ports so you can customize the best cannula tube position for you.


    The O2Go has two interior velcro straps to hold your tank in place, providing more room for other items. More hands-free mobility means more freedom.